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Time to chill… or not.

November 7, 2011

I figured with Fall coming, it would be time to scale back, take my time, do a little maintenance, prepare for next year. Boy, was I wrong!

First, Phoenix had an exceptionally long Summer. It’s always long anyway. But this year, the high temps just went on and on, well into the end of October. The demand for cool, refreshing treats remained steady.

Then, well, there was our first Food Truck Festival. I’ll have to go back and add a post dedicated to just that. The sum is, I spent pretty much every day in October making samples for it. Plus, planning my display table, getting supplies, etc. etc.

At the same time, I was making pops for a big custom order. Aetna ordered 1,000 pops to hand out at the open enrollment expos for state employees. They were planning to attend five expos throughout the state, over the course of a week.

Here we are about half way into the production process. I’ve got samples in the doors and test tubes, and full-sizes in the molds and in the bins in the bottom.

What resulted, was a few weeks of picking up large quantities of ingredients, buying dry ice, packing coolers, and meeting these good folks at all hours of the day and night in random parking lots, in order to make the exchange.

I dropped off the last cooler yesterday. All I have left to do is pick up my empty cooler. And… breathe.

The cart is snug under its tarp. The hot pink tiki umbrella is closed, and leaning in a corner of the house. The ramps, chairs, buckets and bags are emptied from my truck.

All that is left to do is to make some inventory for the urban grocery at Phoenix Public Market, and then, good people, I’m on vacation.

Well, sort of. I’m officially on vacation (seriously – offline, and out of the country) for a week, and then back to testing recipes, putting in applications for festivals, doing my taxes, fixing my trailer, and all those other behind the scenes details. Until Spring, stay safe and be good (but not too good).

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