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Call me crazy

January 28, 2011

But I happen to think that figs and goat cheese make an awesome popsicle:

Combined, sweetened up a little, with a touch of balsamic added, they made a frozen treat that tastes somewhat like fig cheesecake.

This was my first attempt at a swirl, and I gotta say, they turned out pretty well, I think. Cheers to Crow’s Dairy for the lovely goat cheese!

Inspiration comes to me in varied and unusual ways. This is just one route that it chose to take.

As you may or may not know, in addition to being an ice pop maker, I’m also an urban forager, gardener, and canner. Every summer, I stash away dozens of figs, culled from the trees of Phoenix.

I stash some in the freezer, dry some, others, I roast with lemons and sugar, and preserve with a little Malbec.

As my gentle readers well know, figs and goat cheese go together like bacon and chocolate. I like to serve it with lots of other goodies, for a happy hour snack.

Back in August, I was Googling around, when I came across this guy’s blog, where he made fig and goat cheese ice cream. Not only that, he used David Lebovitz’ recipes for each ice cream. The Perfect Scoop and a Cuisinart ice cream maker have been the Wonder Twins of my kitchen, ever since I received them for Christmas a couple years ago. So I knew it had to be good. I stashed it in my flavor folder, to try out on a rainy day.

When that day came around, I had to figure out how to translate it into my current love, ice pops? It was easier than what you would think, but not perfect. Delete the eggs, sure. Change up the dairy a bit. I like the the little bit of acidity the Malbec lends to my canned figs. But I want this to be booze-free. Thus, sub in balsamic for the wine.

The result was definitely tasty, but needs refinement. The goat cheese element came out a bit icy. I don’t love the seeds of the figs. The two sides could be better swirled. So whether or not this one makes it into the line-up is still in question. But like all the flavors I try out, it’s a start.

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