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Freezer Cart Testing

January 14, 2011

I stripped off the cart’s Carvel clothing, and now it sits — NAKED! — in the garage.

I finally plugged the ol’ girl in, for a little testing. The sound of the motor firing right up and purring away was music to my ears. I let her run over night, and then cut the power.

Supposedly, this thing will keep your pops frozen for 12 hours, unplugged.

Enter, the test subjects:

I clamped the lid down, and checked on them after 12 hours.

The pops were holding up well — very slight meltage. That’s a technical term, “meltage”. I’d say, still sellable.

However, this test is the best case scenario. It’s winter, so about 65 degrees in the garage, and I haven’t been opening the freezer doors all day.

On the other hand, normally, the cart would be fully stocked, which would help keep the temperature down, and I would have it unplugged for maybe 8 hours, at the most.

For curiosity’s sake, I left them in there another 12 hours. 24 hours later:

Too melted to be sellable. Yet I am amazed at how well they are still holding up.

All in all, the experiment was a success! Now I just need to get that cart some pretty frufrupops clothes.

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